South Carolina

Companies are listed in alphabetical order according to CITY, and SIOTO does not endorse one company over another. We do note however, that an AISOC certification is an advanced level of training.






Duncan Balloon and Monogram LLC Byeong Lee 20224202 021623
Gray Court Airtime Inflatable Rentals LLC Leon Smith 20183597 042923
Greenville Silly Bob's Inflatables Tammy Timms 20203967 022523
Laurens Airborne SC Inflatables SC Rhonica Leopard 20224297 042823
Moncks Corner Sky Bounty Inc. Justin Washington 20203952 072122
Simpsonville 5 Star Bounce LLC Rick Carson 20214101 062722
Simpsonville Palmetto State Inflatables Jason Kirk 20214135 081922
For information concerning South Carolina's inflatable regulations contact:

Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulations
P. O. Box 11329
Columbia, SC 29211-1329
TELEPHONE: (803) 734-9711
FAX: (803) 737-9119


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