The Friedman Group

Sandi Swift from The Friedman has pioneered safety in the inflatable insurance arena securing a 10 percent credit for customers who pass SIOTO through select markets. Call her at 1-877-580-7066

Amusement Insurance          Resources

Contact Drew Tewksbury from AIR at 1-440-264-2738 for more information on the discounts they offer for those passing SIOTO inflatable training for moonwalks.

Cossio Insurance Agency

Larry Cossio offers a variety of insurance program  discounts within his agency for inflatable safety program completion through SIOTO. Call Larry Cossio at 1-864-688-0121.

ISERA Insurance Group

One of the oldest insurance groups specializing in a variety of offerings for inflatables and more offers a 10 percent discount for passing the BISOC course. For details you can call Jim Quist at 1-800-521-1709



Practically each day someone is either entering or thinking of entering the industry as either an inflatable party rental company, indoor inflatable fun center or other inflatable operator such as festivals, carnivals or fairs.

With the increase in operations comes increase in moonwalk safety concerns across the board. With these safety concerns and the growing insurance problems plaguing our industry we banded together to make a change and offer what is fast becoming the industry standard in moonwalk and inflatable safety training.

Whether you are a new operator or veteran,
you'll appreciate the time and hard work the S.I.O.T.O staff has put in to help make a change. We have developed and continue to develop the tools and resources you need for both you and your staff to safely operate your moonwalk and inflatable games inventory.

Both you and your customers benefit from what you learn here with S.I.O.T.O. and the various levels of training provided. Safe operators
providing safe experiences is an absolute must in order to provide your customers with the safest environment possible. Explore the site and see how the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization can benefit you.

No one else out there can say they have grown as fast as S.I.O.T.O. In a short period of time we have gained manufacturer acceptance as a standard of training and insurance company backing with acceptance of our programs. Our programs have been reviewed by a Professional Engineer and we are in constant  communication with various other organizations, government agencies such as ASTM, CPSC, NFPA and more in order to help the operators gain control of the industry and promote safety.


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